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    Netvanta 1534P (Gen 2.1) possible corrupt boot

    deltranathaniel New Member

      Hi, my name is Nathaniel.

           My company recently purchased a Netvanta 1534P (Gen 2.1) and when we booted it up we got this issue in the picture.

      Adtran Netvanta 1534P (Gen2.1) boot issue.PNG

           When I boot it up only the ports 25 - 28 (SPF ports i think) turn on and stay yellow. All other lights do no turn on.


           I know it is a hardware issue, but I would like to know how it happened. Before this issue occurred, it was shipped to our office. I took out of the box and set it up using a mix between GUI and CLI interfaces. Packaged it back up and sent it to the client location.

      The technician on-site mounted it on the rack and plugged it in to a UPS. That is when the issue started to happen. We already removed the UPS and plugged it straight into the wall. This did not fix the issue. Is there anyway to figure out what happened? Right now I am just thinking that it was broken during Delivery to the client location.