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    1224str to act strictly as a L2 switch how to?

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      Hello All,


      I have a 1224str pwr switch with several vlans uplinking to cisco router. Yes, I know the adtran I have can act as a firewall/router. The Cisco (Meraki) is an addon. We didn't see the need to replace the Adtran as it is a managed poe device. The problem I have is that it still seems to need ip interfaces defined in order to pass traffic. The uplink ports on the Cisco and the Adtran are defined as trunk ports and have the data vlan (10) set as native. The Adtran however is interfereing with the router in that the switch is doing inter vlan router in spite of configuring the Cisco router to retrict the traffc.


      How can I make the adtran to stop acting as a L3 device? The following commands are in the config (partial sample not revealing vlans)  Any suggestions?


      ip subnet-zero

      ip classless

      no ip routing

      no auto-config

      ip forward-protocol udp time

      ip forward-protocol udp nameserver

      ip forward-protocol udp tacacs

      ip forward-protocol udp tftp

      ip forward-protocol udp netbios-ns

      ip forward-protocol udp netbios-dgm

      ip policy-timeout udp all-ports 300

      no ip firewall alg ftp

      no ip firewall alg msn

      no ip firewall alg pptp

      no ip firewall alg h323

      no ip firewall alg sip

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          "no ip routing" should do it and just work. I'd also turn off the "ip forward-protocol" and just go to a straight "no ip firewall".  In essence, no-out all IP statements other than the one where you apply an address to the management VLAN and "ip default-gateway" pointing to the upstream router for management.


          The only need for any ip configuration on a layer-2 switch is for the ability to connect to it and manage it via SSH / telnet / http(s).

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