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    Connect 7100 to 6355 via Fiber

    valoremtech New Member

      The purpose is to replicate a point-point connection between an NV6355 and NV7100 via the fiber, or more specifically to connect the systems without changing the current IP configurations. 
      The customer currently has a NV7100 that is connected to a 6355 via a point-point T1.  The industrial park has installed fiber connections between buildings recently and has given them access.  The connection works great and this could be an easy fix just setup the 6355 as a switch and  omit the function of the router, firewall, etc.  The customer would prefer to maintain each location independent of the other. Each location has its own DSL.  The DSL connections are slow and there are devices on the 6355 that we need to maintain a separate IP from the 7100.  Can the point to point connection be replicated with the fiber?

      Steps taken so far.

      The configuration for the 7100 and 6355 Ethernet ports, setup a VLAN 99 for the connection and removed the trunking from the ports.  Configured a GRE tunnel between the locations.

      The Ethernet port on the 7100 is Ethernet 0/10 and Ethernet 0/10 on the 6355.  This configuration is setup the same on the 6355.

      7100 interface Ethernet 0/10 (truncated information...)

      "interface eth 0/10

        speed auto



        no shutdown

        switchport mode access

        switchport access vlan 99

        switchport trunk native vlan 99

        switchport trunk allowed vlan none

        no switchport voice vlan

        switchport trunk fixed vlan 99"


      interface vlan 99


        ip address

        no rtp quality-monitoring

        no shutdown


      interface tunnel 1

        description tunnel to corporate

        ip address

        ip proxy-arp

        ip ospf authentication-key

        ip ospf authentication null

        ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5

        ip ospf message-digest-key 2 md5

        no ip ospf cost

        ip ospf retransmit-interval 5

        ip ospf transmit-delay 1

        ip ospf priority 1

        ip ospf hello-interval 10

        ip ospf dead-interval 40

        no ip ffe

        no ip policy route-map

        no ip mcast-stub helper-enable

        ip igmp version 2

        ip igmp last-member-query-interval 1000

        ip igmp query-interval 60

        ip igmp query-max-response-time 10

        ip igmp querier-timeout 120

        no ip igmp immediate-leave

        ip route-cache

        no ip pim

        ip pim-sparse dr-priority 1

        ip pim-sparse propagation-delay 500

        ip pim-sparse override-interval 2500

        ip pim-sparse nbr-timeout 105

        ip pim-sparse hello-interval 30

        ip split-horizon

        no crypto map

        no ip directed-broadcast

        no dynamic-dns

        no ip flow ingress

        no ip flow egress

        rtp quality-monitoring

        tunnel mode gre

        tunnel source vlan 99

        tunnel destination

        no tunnel checksum

        no tunnel key

        no tunnel sequence-datagrams

        no keepalive

        mtu 1476

        bandwidth 100000


         no shutdown

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          markfreeman Employee

          I think you are making this more complicated than it ought to be.


          Can you answer the following questions:


          (1) Is the fiber between the two units point-to-point private? If private, there is no need for GRE.



          (2) What are the networks on the 7100? I assume for data and for voice.


          (3) What are the networks behind the 6355?



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              valoremtech New Member

              Hi Mark - I thought about that after I left the site. The NV7100 has both default networks, and the NV6355 has and

              Here is the solution that I came up with;

              Allow only VLAN 2 trunking on the Ethernet port used to connect to the fiber.  Remove the DHCP server on the NV6355, as the NV7100 will provide.  Since both locations are connected via an Ethernet this is a simple solution.  Change the DHCP server on the NV6355 VLAN 1 to set the options back to the VLAN 2 on the NV7100.  Do I need to have an IP on the VLAN 2 on the 6355?

              On the NV6355, the VLAN 1 does not need to be changed, since we are not using the same subnet, but also I will not be permitting VLAN 1 from the NV7100 over the trunk.  The NV6355 will continue to have a separate default VLAN and separate Internet connection for now.

              Please let me know if I have missed anything.

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                  valoremtech New Member

                  Correction; removing only the DHCP pool for VLAN 2 on the NV6355.  Since VLAN 1 on the NV6355 will continue to operate as is.

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                      markfreeman Employee

                      There is a lot to take into consideration when networking a 7100 and a 6355 together. We actually have a class that goes over this:

                      Re: New ATSE/UCAS Certification Class Coming Soon



                      You have two options.

                      Option 1 - Configure 6355 using different networks

                      Option 2 - Just extend the network and network over the fiber.


                      Which one do you want to do? 1 is much more configuration, and 2 is very easy.


                      If you want OPtion 2, let me know.


                      If you choose Option 1, then the following applies.

                      I would see the config guide below on help on what you need to do. It is connecting the sites using Eth 0/0, but you would just change that to a VLAN like VLAN 100. I would create a different network to connect the sites together. If your 6355 site has PSTN connectivity, then there will be further configuration to take that to use. You will also need to configure your 6355 as SIP Transparent Proxy for failover when the 7100 is not reachable. the guide goes over that.


                      Regarding DHCP, it is best to configure DHCP on the 6355 for your two data networks. The guide goes over how to configure the DHCP pools.


                      Multi-Site config guide:

                      NetVanta 7100 & NetVanta 6355 Multi-site Proxy Configuration Guide

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                          valoremtech New Member

                          option 2 looks like the only option that would permit the use of the second Internet connection on the NV 6355.


                          The sites look like this;

                          NV7100 VLAN 1 - ; VLAN 2 -; VLAN 99 -

                          NV6355 VLAN 1 -; VLAN 2 -; VLAN 99 -


                          All phones register back to the NV7100.  A PRI is used for all of the voice, no analog.


                          The purpose is to replace the current T1 point-point with a fiber connection.  The 7100 and 6355 have individual connections to the Internet.  This is closer to a campus environment, where there might be multiple buildings and VLAN's.  There is currently no data traffic going over the point-point.  The only use has been for voice traffic from the 7100 to the 6355.

                          The guide mentioned above is connecting the 7100 to 6355 using SIP trunks.  Our configuration does not use SIP trunks.  The buildings are located across the street from each other.


                          I need only to change the routing of the packets destined for the NV6355.  The easy part then is just replacing the ppp1 with VLAN 99 in routing.