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    Replacement 7100 30-user limit

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      Hi guys-

           This is my first post, so please bear with me as I am by no means a professional in this area.


      I have been administering a network that uses a Netvanta 7100 (L1 model) to provide all backbone services from routing to VoIP etc.  Recently we received the 'great gift' of a lightning strike that fried that unit (as well as two 1234Ps).  I just bought a replacement unit used that seems to be running beautifully, however as I uploaded our config from the previous unit I have discovered an unfortunate limitation--apparently there is a user license expansion from 30 users to 100 users that was bought separately with the last unit and I've lost the majority of our phone extensions.  Is this expansion transferrable or am I going to have to budget the $1600 or so for the newer unit?  Here's hoping---J.

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          The 100 user upgrade is applied to the system for which it was purchased and cannot be transferred to another NV7100.  However, If you thought that you had purchased a 100 user NV7100 but instead received a 30 user system, I would contact your reseller to make sure they shipped you the correct device.   Once you have a 100 user system you can load your backup configuration again to restore those extensions that have been erased.