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    No Long Distance - PRI (Stripping 1?)

    darkjacket New Member

      I have a Netvanta 7100 connected to a PRI.  Getting the "must dial a 1 or zero when dialing this number" when placing long distance calls.  It looks like it is stripping the 1 when placing the call.


      Local and internal calls work fine, setup for 7 digit dialing.

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          darkjacket New Member

          I found a work-around for this - DNIS substitution 1NXXNXXXXXX  --->  11NXXNXXXXXX

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            kshymkiw New Member

            I actually found, likely the true correct answer.


            Adtran ships the box with ISDN Number Templates applied.  You can access the page from the webui Voice->ISDN Num Templates   In there it states:


            ISDN Number Templates look similar to standard dial plan templates but are used exclusively by ISDN-based trunks to recognize dialed numbers as a particular type of call. Additionally, if a prefix is specified, then the number template matches against that prefix as well but strips those digits before sending the number.


            There is a default template in there for National calling with a Prefix of 1 and then NXX-NXX-XXXX.  According to this Num Template rule the 1 is stripped from the message sent out the PRI when you have a dnis of 1-NXX-NXX-XXXX


            Then best thing is to delete this rule from the webui or from the CLI with the following command:


            no isdn-number-template 6 prefix 1 national NXX-NXX-XXXX