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    Firmware Update for NV 1234 PoE

    maxis New Member

      How do I update the FW on this unit? The Boot ROM version is earlier than the minimum version in all of the updates I looked at:


      ADTRAN, Inc. OS version

        Mainline Version: M00

        Checksum: 4339836B

        Built on: Mon Aug 04 10:20:23 2008

        Upgrade key: 99f12af86cd052f92d9a6960f58ffb0c

      Boot ROM version

        Checksum: 4491

        Built on: Mon Aug 04 10:20:35 2008

      Copyright (c) 1999-2008, ADTRAN, Inc.

      Platform: NetVanta 1234 PoE, part number 1700595G1

      Serial number LBADTN0847AC406

      Flash: 8388608 bytes  DRAM: 67108863 bytes