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    How do I use the Atlas 550 as a test module for PRI on other TA devices?

    d.choi New Member

      I have an Atlas 550 in the office that I want to use to test PRI connections and check dial tone on amphenol cable connections before deploying them to customer locations. I had this setup before but recently had to change it so that I can use it for PRI syslog  purposes at a customers site who was having PRI issues.

      I want to set up Network 1 to simulate a loop start PRI and Network 2 to simulate a Tandem E&M wink PRI so that I can plug it into an Adtran TA616, for example, on the network port and have a simulated circuit.

      I remember using RBS but can't quite remember how to set it up.


      Please point out a doc. or provide detailed instructions if possible.