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    DSU DP Plus Not Recognized

    eks1950 New Member


      DSU DP Plus, 1103008L3, card not recognized in ACT2300 D4 channel bank.  Have 2 DSU cards that do same thing, card firmware is 9103008-5B.  Comes up Xd=PCM unknown. E&M cards in same bank work fine.  I&M practice for DSU indicates it should work with BCU.  BCU is 1150055L2, product revision R, software K.  Need 9.6k synchronous RS232 serial.  Please post more ACT2300 I&M practices.


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          tee1up Employee

          The old DSUDP cards are not menu supported by the ACT2300 BCU. When you get a non-supported card the BCU will show XD in the menu’s for that slot. The card will work in the ACT2300 channel bank just won’t be able to access via the BCU.