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    Safari 7.0.5 not redirecting to the captive portal.

    dalicea New Member

      I have some Mac Book users who appear to have issues redirecting to the captive portal when using Safari 7.0.5. So far this might only be one site as I have not heard complaints from other sites (yet). These Mac Books are running Maveric OSX. Has anyone ran into anything similar? They have stated that they changed around some of the Safari settings but it did not help redirect; but it only works when you paste in the direct link to the captive portal. I dont have a Mac Book, are there any other settings they can take a look at? It appears Chrome and Firefox work on the same laptops.

      Current Setup:

      1. Product Line (vWLAN or BSC) vWLAN
      2. Appliance/Controller Software Revision V2_4_0_12
      3. Appliance/Controller Patches Installed vpatch-2-4-0-12-15
      4. AP Firmware Installed 6.8.0-18 i
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          techiescum New Member

          I am seeing a similar situation with users running Yosemite this week. They are not being redirected, and they can't connect even if I paste in the portal's url. I have seen this with two users this week. Any help would be appreciated.


          Vwlan 2_5_0_12

          AP FW 6.9.0-28

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            daniel.blackmon Employee

            When you say they paste in the direct link, do you mean the IP address or the URL? In Bob's case, the user needs to try to the IP address instead of the URL. It might be a DNS issue on the client. In both cases, it is essential that users refresh their page or try a page they normally would not browse to. This helps alleviate cache concerns. Also, it might be required to have the user forget the network. This will help clear out old IP settings. Macs have been notorious for wanting to reuse an old address. So in short, here's a quick outline of what to try.


            1. Try to access the IP address of the captive portal login screen. This is the same IP address as vWLAN.
              1. If the IP address works, then check your DNS settings.
            2. Clear the browse cache, hit refresh, or try a different page, one you normally would not go to.
            3. Forget the network and start over clean.


            If all of this fails, then you need to start looking at packet captures.

            vWLAN and BSAP Traffic Capture Guide

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              tonyjtvietnam New Member

              Hi Dalicea,


              Assume that, you already done a Captive Portal with 02 role Unregister and "Wifi" role.


              My thinking your issue doesn't allow URL http://www.apple.com/library/test/success.html. When an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) connects to a WiFi network, the first thing it does is make a request to this URL, it will be okay or not. Normally, we should add some of white-list URL to allow OS checking work on Captive Portal.


              Might you need to add this URL to Destination Group, then allow it on Un-registered Role. Let try please.