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    Outbound Caller ID Replacement

    stuart New Member

      HI -


      I've got a 6310 and our hosted VOIP provider is sending wrong caller ID information that being transmitted out a PRI. Is there a way to override outbound Caller ID per extension. i.e.. match dialing extension to the correct number to be shown on the external phone when ringing?



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          david Employee



          Caller ID (ANI) can be overwritten in a few different places within the unit, but I would likely need to know more about the application by seeing the complete configuration and the debug output for a test call.  Below are the typical debug commands we use.


          debug sip stack message

          debug voice verbose

          debug isdn L2-formatted


          Feel free to reply on this post with a "cleaned" version of your unit's configuration and the debug output and I would be glad to look it over.  As one example of how this number might be changed, you can do a standard match and substitution on an egress trunk.


          voice trunk T01 type sip

            match ani 1000 substitute 5552000

            match ani 1001 substitute 5553000


          Hope this helps!