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    Can a 3305 or 4305 meet these VPN requirements?

    1wheeler1 New Member

      I'm looking at doing some testing of cellular routers on Verizon private M2M network and they have very specific requirements to terminate their private ipsec VPN to our network. I have some Netvanta 3305 and 4305 units I pulled out when switching our WAN from point to point T1's to managed MPLS and was hoping they might work. Here are the requirements i got from Verizon and would appreciate any input.


      The device used to terminate a Verizon Wireless Private Network VPN must meet the following criteria:

      ·         Terminate IPSec tunnel in Transport mode.

      ·         Terminate GRE tunnel.

      ·         Run BGP.

      ·         May not be a Juniper device unless it’s older Juniper CPE (SSG series) running ScreenOS (JunOS devices only support Tunnel mode and will not work on Private Network).

      ·         May not be a Cisco or Juniper firewall/ASA.

      ·         Any device other than a Cisco router may work, but it will be up to the customer to ensure it meets the IPSec, BGP and GRE requirements. 


      *Note that Verizon Wireless will not be able to offer any configuration support or guidance on any device other than Cisco routers.




      Mike Wheeler