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    Portfast with GUI

    winston New Member

      I have been told to set Portfast off on ports that I am using SonicPoint Access Points.

      What is this, and how do I do it with the GUI?  NetVanta 1234P. Thanks

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          cj! Beta_User

          Hi winston:


          I believe PortFast (IOS) is similar to Edge Port Mode in AOS.  Edge Port Mode is disabled on all switch ports by default.  You can verify the switch ports to which your APs connect in the GUI.  Expand the Data section and select Ports.


          Edge Port Mode allows you to alter the behavior of the Spanning Tree feature, forcing ports into the forwarding state when connected.  Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is an industry-standard and allows a switch to detect physical network loops (which is detrimental), and block interfaces as needed to mitigate the problem.  Sometimes a physical loop is intentional, such as switches in a LAN with ring topology for redundancy.  STP is used to regulate physical link priority in that case.  Here's a guide that's very short and will tell you everything you need to know:  Configuring Spanning Tree in AOS