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    Trouble deploying a virtual Appliance

    gregc New Member

      OK, so I have been following the guide (VMware_Quick_Start_vWLAN_V2_2_1_and_Later) step by step and keep running into the same problem.


      I install ESXi 5.5, then attempt to load the vWLAN virtual appliance via both vmdk and ovf.  When i power up the virtual machine and go to console the screen is blank.

      As far as I can tell the virtual machine never obtains an IP address, so I can never get into the bluesocket software to manage it.

      I feel like maybe I am missing a step.  My boss told me I have to load unbuntu but my understanding is the vWLAN is a virtual appliance complete with its own operating system etc.  I have reinstalled everything twice, so any little breadcrumb of a direction to take is greatly appreciated.



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          p.felsner New Member



          for clarification, vwlan is based on ubuntu. But the system comes out-of-the box as virtual appliance. So you only need to download the .ova/f file and import that one in your vmware infrastructure (deploy ova/ovf template). If you completed that step, please turn on the virtual machine and open the console - you should see the system booting!

          If you do not see the system booting,I think you have a problem with your vmware environment. You should at least see the bios boot-screen - independent what system is installed.




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              gregc New Member

              Actually, I was fortunate enough to have Adtran support help me regardless of not having an AP registered to this box yet.  It turns out it was the system clock being mis-set.  In the Bios the system clock was set for approx. a year ago, which prevented the Virtual Appliance from booting.

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              daniel.blackmon Employee

              I would further add to what p.felsner said and mention that you have input something (ie. click the console screen and press enter) generally for any output to display. You should also see IP information in the summary tab of the virtual host.