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    Have you ever had a 1638 AC unexpectedly reboot when working in the GUI?

    danb Visitor

      I have had this happen twice.  I have been logged into the GUI of a 1638AC, made a small change and had the stack reboot.  

      The first time I had this happen was at a customer site and I was providing admin training to the customer.  I showed the customer how to disable PoE on a port and when I did both of the 1638AC units rebooted.

      The second time this happened to me was today on our office's production network.  I ran and ip dhcp server debug and when I STOPPED the debug (everything was fine during the debug - which ran for about 4-5 minutes with little output) the master and backup 1638AC units rebooted. The 2 other 1638AC linecards did not reboot. 

      I find it strange that using the GUI in both cases caused unexpected reboots.  We rarely need to make any configuration changes in the GUI but we refer to the GUI when training or assisting techs and customers with the menus.


      Has anyone ever seen this happen?