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    FAX configuration for NETVANTA 6310

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      Hi guys,


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      I would like to seek your assistance in on whether you guys have experience in some of our current FAX issues we are experiencing. When we are sending a fax from a traditional fax machine to the Fax Server, it receives it and it works fine. But when we are performing a test fax from the FAX server to the same fax server (loop), we are having isses. below is a simple diagram of the setup we have.


      FAXSERVER --->PSTN-->SIP-->Adtran--->BRI--->ciscorouter--->FAXSERVER.


      I can see the call being setup between the Adtran and the cisco router and hits the fax server but showing "IP errors received". Not sure where the issue now. It seems the fax negotiation is not establishing. Below is our current trunk configuration on the adtran. According to our client, they do not have this problem when performing the same test to other PSTN services.


      voice trunk T02 type isdn

        resource-selection circular ascending

        connect isdn-group 1

        no early-cut-through



        t38 redundancy high-speed 3

        t38 redundancy low-speed 2

        t38 error-correction fec

        t38 ecm disable

        rtp delay-mode adaptive

        codec-list SIP