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    complete aos-config-template syntax, sample config files

    rthompson New Member

      Having never written an AOS-config-template, I am uncertain of the proper syntax for an entire file...  I typically use .txt files and push them to my newly installed TA900/900e boxes via nCommand.  Most of my TA900/900e are pretty standard for our application and need very little customization.  Typically we build up the boxes with 1-PRI, MGCP on all FXS ports, autolink, SNMP info and SNTP etc...


         I would like to write my own variety of templates but really need something to look at and to the stare-&-compare.  Does Adtran have anything written that covers a variety of different options?  Does anyone know of any sort of tool that can be used to convert our existing pre-install configs from .txt file to aos-config-templates.