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    BSAP 1840 on very old firmware - how to update?

    heimiko New Member

      Hi All!


      I'm new to the world of BSAP's and vWLAN's.

      I obtained 2 1840 units, to try out vWLAN.

      I'm running vWLAN 2.3 (VMware) and uploaded the corresponding 1840 firmware file, and had set it to be the default.

      When I hooked them up, in vWLAN I could see them under "AP Licenses", but they won't appear under "Access Points".

      They were new in box, but they'd been gathering dust for a while apparently, as I discovered that they were running firmware "1.0.0-9".


      When logging into the BSAP with SSH, it tells me that the state is "Communicating with the BNC", so that looks good?

      Apparently, this firmware doesn't get uploaded to the BSAP automatically for some reason.

      I do have to say, I haven'r applied any licenses yet, but shouldn't they be showing elsewhere even without a valid license?

      I'm desperate to figuring this out. 


      Anyone any ideas on how to proceed?