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    AP 160 running only at 54 Mbps

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      I installed few Netvanta AP160 with the new Netvanta 1531P. I read some post, and adjust the configuration, update AP to the firmware version, the 1531P also to the latest 11.2.00 .

      In this configuration the max rate is  54 Mbps on my laptop.

      I took the the same AP and setup Netvanta 1335PoE as the 1531P and the max rate is 300 Mbps on my laptop.

      What is the issue ?




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          vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member



          It seems like the opposite would be true since the 1335PoE is only 10/100 making it impossible to get 300Mbps, unless you used the Gigabit port and a PoE power supply.  Obviously, the 1531P is a Gigabit switch and would support the 300Mbps speeds.  Are you using the same configuration parameters in both NetVanta devices?

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            mcarr New Member

            I have the same issue, all firmware updated and I was told it was an issue with the 1531P switches it doesn't activate the n radio. The same AP's work properly on a 1534P, still waiting on an ETA for the fix.

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                There has been an issue discovered where the NetVanta 1531 is unable to enable the N-radio functionality of the NetVanta 160/161 access points. ADTRAN Engineering is working on a fix to get this resolved in an upcoming firmware release.


                The workarounds at this point are to utilize the A radio or B/G radio instead or to use another access controller other than the NetVanta 1531 until a fix is released.