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    Trouble connecting Quad BRI S/T to dutch ISDN-2 NT1

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      I have a setup where I need to route incoming ISDN-2 calls to my FXS ports, ISDN-30 channels and vice versa.

      The ISDN bri S/T interface is connected to the dutch telco provider KPN.

      I created an ISDN-2 cross-over cable to connect to the NT1. Otherwise I get a link down[*]

      I selected EuroISDN. When setting up a USER TERM entry.

      The link comes up, but goes down after a few seconds. The D channel comes as goes as wel.

      For outgoing calls NETWORK TERM I'm not able to select EuroISDN ?

      In the unit configuration I'm not possible to select the country code for the netherlands (31)

      this might have something to do with the problem.

      Can someone give me a hint.

      Thanks in advance.


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          patrick Employee

          I'm afraid we do not support EuroISDN under the Network Termination. As you noticed, the S/T interface on this module is designed to connect to user equipment with a straight-through cable. A cross-over cable must be used when connecting to the Telco, however European Telcos use what is referred to as "Warm Start" ISDN lines. With warm start lines, the network deactivates the line during periods of no call activity. In a deactivated state, the subscriber loop equipment may enter a "sleep state" where they consume minimum power. The ATLAS does not support warm start lines so we you cannot run EuroISDN as a Network Term. It will work in the USER TERM, but the ATLAS will not put the BRI line in a deactivated state.


          So when you are seeing the link go down, this could be the circuit going into a deactivated state, or it may be resetting because of protocol errors.


          For the country code, the ATLAS only supports 1-digit values, so for 31, you can set it for "3".


          Thank you,


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