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    Call Forward no RTP

    kongwc New Member



      The NV 6310 serve as a Gateway bewteen my ISDN-PRI and IP- PABX.

      However, the user encounter no RTP when do a Call Forward to external via the ISDN.



      1) Ext 3336 did a Call Forward external to a Cell Phone (9822XXXX).

      2) I use my cell phone (9855YYYY) dial in to Ext 3336 via the ISDN-DID

      3) Incoming call is connected to my cell phone (9822XXXX).



      1) During the call Forward process, the (9855YYYY) is unable to hear any ringing tone.

      2) When Cell Phone (9822XXXX) answer the call, both cell phone users unable to hear each other.


      I attach my config file.

      thank you.