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    Valcom 2924a connected to a 7100

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      I have a customer with an existing Valcom 2924a. The want to connect it to the 7100. I am going to connect it to the FXS 0/1 port. I set up a ring group  and I have the 2001 extension setup as a hotline to call that ring group. This works from the paging system to the 7100. Right now they dial the 2001 extension to call the paging system but they also have to put in the code for the area they want to page on the Valcom. This is alot of digits to dial. Does anyone have a simpler way to do this.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          The Valcom 2924 can appear like a CO line, providing battery ,dial tone and optional ringing.  You will want to connect it to an FXO port, not FXS.


          This makes your dialplan easier.  Configure that FXO port as a loop-start trunk.  Assign a voice grouped-trunk to it with the dialplan of the Valcom, perhaps with a leading pad digit to match the number of digits in your dialplan.


          So, if you set the Valcom for 2-digit dial plan where 10 through 33 are the speakers, then your config might look like this:


          voice trunk T10 type analog supervision loop-start

            description "valcom-trunk"

            no reject-external

            trunk-number 2222 ! <- This is the extension or group where ring-in directs

            connect fxo 0/1

            match dnis 33XX substitute XX


          voice grouped-trunk valcom-tg

            trunk T10

            accept 33XX


          To page, dial 3310 through 3333.  If the paging system has "ring-in" configured to reach the VoIP system, then configure a call center, ring group, or extension on the 7100 with an extension matching the trunk-number configured, 2222 in example.  When the Valcom applies ringing voltage to the FXO, then that destination will ring.


          For zones, etc. modify the dial plan to allow the appropriate pattern.