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    Setting up VLANs across NetVanta 7100 and 1224ST PoE switch

    jeffcs New Member

      Hi Adtran,


      I'm having a bit of trouble setting up my Vlans to work across my Adtran products. The NV7100 ships with two default VLANs that I'm using, VLAN 1 Data and VLAN 2 Voice. VLAN 1 works fine on my NV 1224ST but VLAN 2 does not work at all. I created a second VLAN on my 1224ST switch, but I cannot get Voice traffic to go to the PBX portion of the 7100. What should I make sure is set up correctly? Should the ports that connect the 7100 and 1224st together be set to trunk? Should I attempt to stack the two switches?


      I have an ATSP-UCAS certification, but due to personnel changes at work I became responsible for the network without being originally assigned to this.


      Here is the code for the VLAN setup of the 1224:



      Current VLAN configuration...



      VLAN ID: 1

         Name: Default

         Media: Ethernet

         MTU: 1500

         VLAN state: ACTIVE



      VLAN ID: 2

         Name: Voice

         Media: Ethernet

         MTU: 1500

         VLAN state: ACTIVE