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    Placing calls via Web GUI

    blakeh New Member

      I noticed that you can call different extensions that are in the NetVanta system as well as recently called numbers and re-dialing recently received calls. Is there a way to place a call from the Web GUI to a number that you enter manually? Our clinic calls over 150 people per day and the calls have to be placed quickly. Copying a number from our database and Pasting it into the GUI would greatly speed up the process.

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          One option may be to have each user access the Personal Phone Manager (PPM) by going to the IP address of the unit in their browser and using their extension and voicemail password to log in.  Once in the PPM they can go to Directories > Speed Dial > Modify and create a new temporary entry.  From there they can give a speed dial entry a name and then paste the number in.  After hitting the Apply button the Dial button will appear.  Then to dial the next number they will need to click Modify again and edit the entry with the next number they want to paste in.