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    Antenna options for NetVanta 150 AP's

    tsnyinc New Member

      I have a new client with a number of NetVanta 150's installed above the drop ceilings.  Because of the limited space the AP's cannot be mounted with the included omni antennas oriented such that the signal radiates horizontally.  The antennas has all been installed such that the coverage was more vertical than horizontal and to make matters worse there are lots of ducts and electrical cables surrounding the AP's.  I'd like to install ceiling mounted omni's on the bottom of the drop tiles to improve the coverage but can't find any info about the power output (to ensure EIRP is within FCC limit) or how the two antennas work together.  I assume it's using diversity antennas but did not see any option in the config to disable one or the other.


      Has anyone used aftermarket antennas with the 150?  If so what did you use and how did it work?


      Any input would be appreciated.