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    route from 1 vlan to another

    billflippen New Member

      internet being provided on 3430 with an ip


      on 1638 I have switch ports 1-40 as vlan 2

      vlan2 is

      switchports 45 -48 is vlan 10

      Vlan 1 is


      3420 plugs into switchport 48

      the rest of the network is plugged into switch 47 feeding 2 dumb netgear switches. local server is providing dhcp to this.


      IP phones will be plugged in to vlan 2 and DHCP from the 1638. gives gateway


      When I plug into switch port 46 I get dhcp and can ping out to all the WAN and acess internet. I can ping but cannot ping any devices on VLAN 2


      When plugged into VLAN 2 I get proper DHCP, can ping but cannot exit that network.


      IProuting enabled



      How can I get the the 2 vlans to talk to each other without relying on an external router?