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    When trying to upgrade firmware, receive "Bad file signature. 'NV123XA-18-01-06-00.biz' is not a valid image.

    cstrawser New Member

      This is a brand new Adtran. I'm going to Adtran's site and downloading the firmware for an Adtran NetVanta 1234P PoE and receive the following message when trying to select the .biz firmware files downloaded.


      I tried the following firmware images:

      1234/1234 POE/1238/1238 POE Firmware3/15/13   Release Notes     Download 1234/1234 POE/1238/1238 POE Firmware10/19/11   Release Notes     Download

      But I receive the message: "Bad file signature. 'NV123XA-18-01-06-00.biz' is not a valid image.


      Yet, it won't take either one. I tried to re-download. Any thoughts? There looks to be 15MB free in flash and these images are only 5MB each.