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    Call que ringing

    frank6160 New Member

      Have several call ques built. Each has a DID assigned to it. Calls to DID go straight to MOH with no ring. Customer would like rings before MOH.Any suggestions?

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          markfreeman Employee


          If you go to the Call Queue and then go to the Greetings tab, I assume the Welcome option is unchecked.


          If it isn’t let me know what it is set it.


          If not, then you can upload the attached 2 ring audio file to the audio prompts menu then select the Call Queue tab and upload it there. If you want to change it to 1 ring, then download Audacity, to edit the audio to just one ring.


          Once you have uploaded the audio to the call queue tab, go back and set it to the welcome option and now you have a ring before MOH.


          Let me know if you have any other questions.



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            jayh Hall_of_Fame

            Mark's suggestion is good, and I see your customer's concern, but I'd like to suggest an alternate.


            Presently, someone calls into the queue and hears hold music, then when an agent is available the agent rings and answers. 


            With Mark's suggestion, an audio file of ringback tone is played, which would then be followed by hold music and then the next available agent.


            Either of these is likely to confuse callers, as neither identifies the company or gives an indication of the call flow or what to expect next. 


            In my opinion, rather than an audio file of ringback, suggest that your customer record a greeting identifying the company and instructing the caller to wait for the next agent.  Load that file per Mark's instructions above. 


            In this scenario the caller will hear a voice identifying the company and instructing them to wait for an agent, then hold music if no one is available, then the agent.  This is the typical and expected behavior when calling into an ACD queue for most callers. 

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                frank6160 New Member

                I have used Mark's for now. Thought of your idea but this is a bilingual site so it will be a few days before we can get both of the people who have done the other greetings together and make a new one.

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                    jayh Hall_of_Fame

                    If the same DID is being used for both languages, then you can make it an IVR choice before going to the queue.  Press 1 for [language 1], press 2 for [language 2] and then you can route ech to a queue with native speakers as appropriate.


                    Obviously the initial greeting needs to be in both languages sequentially.