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    NetVanta 3200 T1 Branch Office Internet Access

    ranweb New Member

      I just recently install two NetVanta 3200 on both ends of a T1 to a branch office.  I have the ability to access production network from the branch office; however, I can't get out to the internet, which is accessed via the production network.  I can ping the gateway. 


      I believe I have a routing loop since when I ping from the branch office, say to Google.com, I get a TTL expired in transit.


      Here is some configuration and routing


      Production Network: - A SIDE

      Branch Office Network: - B SIDE


      Router (A-Side)




      Routing Table

      A Side Table.gif




      Router (B-Side




      B Side Table.gif


      Any assistance would be great! 



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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          On your A-side production network, you have your default route pointed back to the PPP1 interface.  This default route should have a next-hop of your NAT firewall connected out to your ISP.


          You should also have a static route to with a gateway of


          On your B-side router all you really need is a default route pointing to on the other end of the PPP link because it's the only link out to both Production and the Internet.


          It's best practice generally to reference the other side IP address rather than the interface.


          So, you should wind up with something like this as your only static routes:


          A-Side Production:


          Destination          Mask                       Next-hop

                              [inside IP of firewall - perhaps?]



          B-side Branch




          You will also need to configure your NAT firewall with the network having permission to NAT out to the Internet just as the subnet does.  And you'll have to add a static route on the firewall like this so it can get back to the branch office:


  [10.20.X.Y - interface IP of Production router]