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    Remote IP Phone

    frank6160 New Member

      Want to set up some remote IP sets. Sites are VPN to a Adtran 4430 router that connects to a Adtran 1534 both which are located in a remote "data" center. The 1534 has an link to the WAN of the 7100 located a few miles from data center. Connectivity is provided by Comcast. Any suggestion appreciated.

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          cj! Beta_User

          Hi frank6160:


          Sounds like you might have a pretty good backbone in place already.  If you have remote connectivity already (IPSec tunnel to the 4430 or another WAN path), then phones ought to be able to reach your 7100, generally speaking.  SIP endpoints generally don't work over NAT, with some exceptions.  But if your remote phone(s) can reach the SIP server over VPN and other routed WAN segments (non-NAT), then I think you have the basic path ready.


          QoS (also see here) is very important.


          Are you wondering about an optimal topology, or are you looking for specific config examples?




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            frank6160 New Member

            Got sets working through VPN to 4430. Progammed as remote set in 7100 phone config file and programmed settings for SIP server and SIP line identification in pohne at far end.