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    7100 Network with 6335 - Call forwarding

    touristsis Visitor

      Hi, I have a customer with two locations.  7100 at main and 6335 at remote.  Currently all phones connect to 7100.  There are 5 analog lines at the remote (6335) location.  They were on ATT and they recently switch to TWC.  Before they had a speed dial on the remote phone.  There was a code 72# and 73#, which is the call forwarding code for ATT.  They use to press the button and enter the call forwarding phone number on there.


      The problem now is that - TWC - call forwarding code is *72, which conflicts with *72 on Adtran.  My question is, is there a way to change the SPRE CODE to be something else?


      Or how can I program when 72# is dial for the system to automatically change it to *72?


      Any help is appreciated.