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    BSAP1600 to BSAP1940 Connectivity

    gregu New Member

      I am working on an outdoor park locally, we are currently awaiting ADTRAN's much anticipated release of the new MESH technology BUT since it has been delayed and delayed we are using BSAP1600's as bridges and connecting to BSAP1940's to bring Wi-Fi to the entire park. I am planning on using my Appliance as the controller. We are going back to the park this morning to change out the antennas on the 1600's to directional antennas on the outside and high gain omnidirectional at the main (internet connection location). Basically we are going to create a point to multi-point network at this time.


      Now I need help upgrading the firmware on the AP's and also need assistance setting up the Appliance correctly.


      Secondary question - Is there anyway that we can set the network to turn off at 10:00pm and turn on at 7:00am seven days a week?


      I really need assistance ASAP as all eyes are on this install...




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