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    Can't console into NetVanta 1234 POE switches

    hungweylo New Member

      I'm trying to console into 4 NetVanta 1234 POE switches that my company has removed from production but I can't seem to console into any of them.  I connected a serial cable to the switch, launch Putty selecting serial connection using COM1, and I do see status like port link up/down.  However, I can't hit the Enter key or Spacebar key to start logging in to configure it using CLI.  I can configure our new Cisco switches using the same serial cable.  I've been Googling around but can't seem to find any article about the problem.  I was able to telnet into it and did "erase startup-cofnig" to reset switch's configuration.  Now that I reloaded it, I can't console, telnet, or ping the default VLAN to configure the switch for redeployment.  I power cycled the switch with the serial cable plugged in and do see the boot up process.  It does show that VLAN 1 is up and active but I can't ping the default ip address.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!1234