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    New ATSE/UCAS Certification Class Coming Soon

    markfreeman Employee

      Stay tuned for a new three day  advanced level certification class coming soon. Will be conducting the new class in Huntsville, Boston, and maybe Los Angeles.  Click on the Receive email notifications to continue to receive updates on the class.


      ATSE/ATSP Course Outline

      • VPN
      • GRE Tunnels
      • Using Loopbacks as Media Gateways
      • Networking Remote Sites – different extensions and addressing scheme
      • Least Cost Routing (LCR) using Sourced ANI Based Routing (SABR)
      • Remote Site Survivability
      • SIP Transparent Proxy
      • Music On Hold – using ADTRAN’s Audio Converter App to create files
      • Managing Audio Prompts
      • Call Queuing
      • Park and Auto Page
      • Call Recording to SIP Print server
      • Call Accounting to RSI Shadow CMS software


      ATSE/UCAS Lab Exercises

      1. 1.      Network Setup – Configure GRE over VPN connection between all three sites
      2. 2.      Voice Setup – Configure fully redundant voice connectivity between all three sites.
      3. 3.      Call Queuing / Park and Auto Page – also configuration of SIP Print and RSI Shadow CMS


      Class Network Diagram:

      ATSE Picture.jpg