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    Soft Phone Configuration

    gregu New Member

      I am trying to configure a soft phone on my 7100 Demo Kit and after downloading the guide for configuration I still cannot make the application work. I have given new passwords, rebooted, wiped out config, followed directions again, re-sent password, and still no joy!

      Anyone who knows this application please let me know if there are any guides on line or suggestions that might help. I need to get this working soon to demo.



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          supermétal New Member

          Try Zoiper_ Work fine for me.

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            markfreeman Employee


            Are you using the ADTRAN softphone?


            Can you send the output of the voice user that are configuring?


            From CLI do a show run voice user XXXX


            Where XXXX is the extension.



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                gregu New Member

                In a meeting in 5 mins – will send as soon as I can…




                How it going Mark????


                Greg – your old student

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                    cj! Beta_User

                    markfreeman is a solid instructor. 

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                      markfreeman Employee

                      Sounds good!


                      Going well, making a new advanced 7100 class called ATSE/UCAS. Will be taking it on the road in Q3. Class in Boston, Hsv, and maybe LA

                      Class details:

                      ATSE/ATSP Course Outline


                      •        VPN


                      •        GRE Tunnels


                      •        Using Loopbacks as Media Gateways


                      •        Networking Remote Sites – different extensions and addressing scheme


                      •        Least Cost Routing (LCR) using Sourced ANI Based Routing (SABR)


                      •        Remote Site Survivability


                      •        SIP Transparent Proxy


                      •        Music On Hold – using ADTRAN’s Audio Converter App to create files


                      •        Managing Audio Prompts


                      •        Call Queuing


                      •        Park and Auto Page


                      •        Call Recording to SIP Print server


                      •        Call Accounting to RSI Shadow CMS software


                      ATSE/UCAS Lab Exercises


                      1.      Network Setup – Configure GRE over VPN connection between all three sites


                      2.      Voice Setup – Configure fully redundant voice connectivity between all three sites.


                      3.      Call Queuing / Park and Auto Page – also configuration of SIP Print and RSI Shadow CMS


                      Class Network Diagram:






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                      gregu New Member

                      login as: admin


                      Welcome to the Command Line Interface for the NetVanta 7100 Demo Kit Configurati                                                                                on*admin@'s password:


                      NetVanta 7100 Demo Kit Configuration - Username: "admin"; Password: "password";                                                                                Enable Password: "password"

                      NetVanta 7100 Demo Kit>en


                      NetVanta 7100 Demo Kit#sh run voice user 210

                      Building configuration...




                      voice user 210

                        connect sip

                        cos "normal_users"

                        first-name "Mike"

                        last-name "**********"

                        password "1234"


                        findme-followme enhanced

                        coverage global go_to_voicemail

                        sip-authentication password "mike1234"

                        voicemail auth-mode password

                        voicemail cos normal_voicemail

                        voicemail password "1234"

                        script "script-1"

                          action 1 internal 210 no-press-to-accept ring-time 18

                          action 2 external ********** press-to-accept ring-time 24

                        script "script-2"

                        script "script-3"

                          action 1 internal 210 no-press-to-accept ring-time 24

                          action 2 vm 210

                        contact-group 1

                          name "Priority"

                          description "Priority contacts"

                          presence available script "script-1"

                        contact-group 2

                          name "Blacklist"

                          description "Undesired contacts"


                          presence available script "script-2"

                        contact-group 3

                          name "Everyone"

                          description "All other contacts"

                          implicitly-include all


                          presence available script "script-3"

                        voicemail notify schedule Sunday 12:00 am




                      NetVanta 7100 Demo Kit#

                      2014.04.25 08:20:09 OPERATING_SYSTEM.EXCEPTION New HTTP error reports detected, Emailing...


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