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    TCL Scripting to automate configuration TFTP backups

    rpartee New Member



           I have found the following post on the topic Re: Automated switch backups - NV1234, NV1238, etc  and done some testing with the TCL.  I can get a simple command to work with the "cli do" syntax, but not a command that requires user input. I would like to be able to run "copy run tftp" and then input an IP and filename.  I know with cisco you can put "copy run tftp://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/filename" but I have not found this to work with adtran unless I am using it wrong.


        Can someone assist me with creating a TCL script to accomplish this.  I only need it to to do the following:

      copy running-config tftp

      xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (Where xxx = IP)



        I can then figure out how to put this on a track, but I need to know how to write a TCL script that I can input a variable into for the IP and filename without user interaction.


      Thanks for any help!