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    External Voicemail


      How can I use an external voicemail server over a PRI with the 7100?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Set up call forward busy and no-answer to an extension on the external voicemail server for each user.  Have that extension answer as the user's mailbox. Getting MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) to work in that scenario will be tricky and perhaps not possible depending on the setup of the external server. 

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            Thanks for responding. How can I get the 7100 to send the extension # over the PRI and not the callING number?

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                jayh Hall_of_Fame

                Set your call-forward to a unique DNIS (dialed number) for each voicemail user that goes to that user's mailbox.  You can leave the ANI (calling number) to be as received.  If the remote voicemail equipment is capable of storing the calling number for remote playback, so much the better.




                Local extensions:






                Call forward busy/NA to mailbox extensions:






                Set extension 2001 on your voicemail system to answer for extension 1001, etc.

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