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    Calls Straight to V/m and FMFM not working properly

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      We have a customer on an Adtran 7100 that is having a couple of issues.


      1.) They have one extension(ext 100) that all incoming phone calls go directly to V/M. He is able to still make outgoing calls. He has to reset the phone in order for calls to ring in again and that only last for maybe a day or so.


      2.) The same customer is also having an issue with the FMFM not working properly. They would like for Extension 500 to ring 3 or 4 times then forward to an External phone number and then after ringing that number 3 or 4 times it is supposed to go back to Extension 500's voicemail. As of right now it goes to the External number but never makes it back to the extension 500's voicemail.


      I have attached the Adtran configuration and 2 files with some testing we captured.


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          Thanks for posting.  Here are my suggestions:


          1 - It sounds like the phone assigned to extension 100 may be having some network connectivity issues.  I saw in the debug that a call was sent to it, but it never responded.  If rebooting the phone fixes it, then it is forcing the phone to reregister.  The first thing I would try is plug the phone directly into a switchport on the NetVanta 7100 and see if the problem persists.  When it is plugged in make sure that is negotiates properly to 100/full and there are no errors on the interface.  If this works, then I would investigate the network infrastructure one leg at a time that ultimately connects the phone back to the NetVanta 7100.

          2 - I noticed that extension 500's Find Me Follow Me configuration was using "no-press-to-accept" instead of "press-to-accept" for the external number.  When it is configured in this manner if the external number picks up for any reason (cell phone voicemail for example) the call will be seen as delivered.  To fix this go to Voice > User Accounts > select extension 500 and click Edit > FMFM tab, and check the box for Accept on the external number under Actions.  Make sure to click Apply at the bottom and if it works correctly remember to save your configuration. For more information on FMFM see this video: [video] - Configuring Find Me Follow Me (FMFM) on the NetVanta 7100.