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    Mobile Twinning Default Identity

    kirk New Member

      I would like to setup mobile twinning for some of my users, but I have a problem figuring out the best way to implement it. As I understand it you simply create a ring group, and assign stations & external numbers to it. So I would create a ring group with my DID, and then create a random internal station and assign it to the ring group. However, I have an issue with the internal station - I just want to use my DID as my identity for all outgoing calls - internal and external, and I'm stuck using some meaningless internal extension. I tried creating a routing rule so that all calls to my DID were re-routed to my hunt group, but the station identity takes precedence. Has anyone else dealt with this issue and developed a best practice method to overcome these challenges?





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          markfreeman Employee


          Not really a simple way to take care of this. Here are some things to do



          Make sure RG is assigned to the user

          Mobile Twining Ring Group = 2563669910

                         User Identity in RG = 6621

                         User Cell in RG = 2564253256


          (1) Outbound Issue

          -When placing calls from the internal station to an outbound number, the external gateway should be able to do a ANI Substitution to replace the 4 digit Identity with the 7 or 10 digit DID. All ADTRAN Gateways are able to do this and most other vendors can do this. The UC Server can only modify DNIS, the dialed number, it can't modify the ANI, the caller ID number. Gateways are responsible for that.

          -What is your outbound PSTN connection and gateway Vendor?


          (2) Inbound Issue

          -When placing a call to another user internally, the call shows up as their Identity and not the Ring Group.

          -One way to work around this is to change that user's "number of rings" to 2

          -Make user a PBA user and make a service that uses the Transfer element and send it to the Moblie Twin Ring Group.

          -If another internal user calls 6621, it will only ring the phone 2 times, then transfer to RG and then it will ring both phone and cell phone.


          I tested this and it works.


          Lots of steps but the only work around that I can think of.




          Message was edited by: markfreeman **** I updated DNIS to ANI, i had it wrong originally, i have updated the response correctly.

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              kirk New Member

              Thanks Mark,


              For outbound calls...

              I'm using a Netvanta 6310 Gateway attached to a legacy Avaya Definity system, then out to the PSTN.

              I'm assuming I'd use a command like 'match ani "6621" substitute "256-366-9910"'?


              Inbound calls...

              I think I understand the transfer element idea, but how do I allow normal voice mail to work with that configuration?

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                  markfreeman Employee


                  Yes, that is the correct command for the NV6310.


                  Regarding the voicemail issue. You would create another service for that user and in that service, just drag the Voicemail element to the canvas area and save it. That is all you need. Then assign that new service to that User’s Ring Group Identity. I tested it and it worked fine for me. The call rings my cell and extension, then when I don’t answer it goes to the user’s VM.


                  Hope that helps.