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    Port Mirrors

    dcorrea Visitor

      Hello guys,

      I have a Switch NV 1234 PoE, and I have a question: Is it possible to have 2 different monitor sessions(port mirrors)? I need to perform some wireshark captures one in my WAN port and other in my LAN port.


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          vmaxdawg05 Past_Featured_Member

          I believe it is possible.  You can only have one session, but you can monitor multiple ports.  For example:


          You can monitor switch ports 0/1 and 0/2 using switch 0/24 to actually see the traffic.


          monitor session 1 source interface switchport 0/1 both

          monitor session 1 source interface switchport 0/2 both

          monitor session 1 destination interface switchport 0/24


          #show monitor session all


          Monitor Session 1


          Source Ports:

              RX Only:   None

              TX Only:   None

              Both:      swx 0/1, swx 0/2

          Destination Port: swx 0/24


          You can read more on port mirroring for both CLI and GUI in the following document: Configuring Port Mirroring in AOS


          I hope this helps.