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    Netvanta 1335, TWC, and two VLANS

    acrumbacker New Member

      I have acquired a 1335 (with wifi and PoE) but have zero experience with these units aside from my recent explorations.  Based on the literature I have found of its features, it appears I could replace my current configuration:

      From: TWC cable modem -> Netgear FVS318 Firewall -> Netgear 24-port unmanaged switch.

      To: TWC cable modem ->Netvanta 1335 (if I can do this)


      I have just updated the firmware.  I would like to have the NetVanta provide DHCP and also have two VLans: one for the office functions (LAN1; default), and another for public (VLAN100).  The VLAN100 would offer wifi internet access only (lots of phones and tablets), and VLAN1 would be wired+wireless+internet.


      I have not found any literature so far how to configure these units with a cable modem/RJ-45.


      Any direction/links/advice appreciated.

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          acrumbacker New Member

          I forgot to add that this NetVanta unit does not have an NIM; I had read <somewhere> (and cannot find again) I could connect the cable model to an available port and the 1335 would recognize it.

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            jayh Hall_of_Fame

            This should work fine.  You will actually need three VLANS.  The Office and Public LANs and a third VLAN for the cable modem WAN.  Configure a port as an access mode for the cable modem on a VLAN by itself, this will be your "Public" security zone.  I'd name your Office VLAN zone "Private" to keep with the typical convention, and name the public access VLAN zone "Guest".