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    Prompt language volume

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      When leaving a voicemail or listening to one, the volume of the pre-recorded messages "Password" or "Is unavailable..." are pretty loud. In fact it is much louder than the volume setting during normal calls, and that causes annoying juggling between lowering volume when listening to voicemails and raising volume for normal phone calls.


      I've noticed that all Prompt language are pretty loud except the Irish one. Is it possible to update the other languages so they don't sound too loud, or is there any other way to lower the volume of the pre-recorded message from the system parameters ?





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          Unfortunately there is no option to adjust the volume on just the system messages/prompts.  The wav files used for these can be found in the SystemDefaultPrompts folder of CFLASH.  It would not be supported, but in theory you could try adjusting the volume on them in an external editor and overwriting them, making sure to preserve the same format and filenames.  Again, this would not be supported and I would recommend making a backup of anything before you attempted to alter it.