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    4G Access?

    fiberopticcoffee New Member

      Is there a 4G access option on the Netvanta series, or an option coming up soon?

      Particularly interested in Verizon, but also interested in general terms.

      Only seeing a 3G option currently available.


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          cj! Beta_User

          Not sure about the official plans.  We have typically used a 4G modem product like a Cradlepoint CBA750 or similar.  In AOS products, we often configure a backup Internet route via the Cradlepoint IP address that takes effect when a track fails for the primary ISP.  4G/LTE interfaces or NIMs for NetVanta products would be awesome!

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              fiberopticcoffee New Member

              Yeah we're trying to avoid having a Christmas Tree of devices.

              Also having some issues with Cradlepoint devices bouncing the Ethernet connection once every 1-5 minutes for what appears to be grins and giggles. Would prefer to not have to renegotiate my IPSEC tunnel in the middle of critical data transfers...

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              dlev Employee

              Hello guys... Here is what the roadmap looks like:

              1. External 4G/LTE using a Cradlepoint CBA750B available now. Interop guide should be available soon.

              2. Enable USB port on Routers/IPBGs for 4G/LTE backup using USB radio mid-year 2014

              3. Possible small 4G/LTE router in 2015

              4. 4G/LTE NIM not planned