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    ta1500 56 k trouble.

    tommyb52 New Member

      We have a newly installed TA1500 in our C.O. and we're trying to get a 56k circuit up and going. The C.O. has a Dual DS0 DP card in slot 6 but the remote has a single DS0 DP card in it. Is that wrong? Shouldn't the remote have a Dual OCU DP in its slot 6 to match? Our t1's feeding the remote are set up for b8zs/ESF and the shelves are set up for D1D/SLC 96 mode 1, with the C.O. providing the timing.Also, "spider" or "octopus" cables were used for the copper hand offs(Verizon wanted this wired as a SLC 96 and not D4) so slot 6 of the shelf so should we be using pairs 21 and 22 of the hand off for it's T/R and T1/R1? Any help is greatly appreciated.