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    IP 7xx phones lock up when two calls come in

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      A client has an issue with his IP706 phones which are set up with 2 call appearances whenever they get two calls in. The display locks up and they cannot put one on hold, answer the other or forward a call.

      I could not reproduce this in our Netvanta with our IP 712 phones.

      They have the issue on 4 different locations - 3 of them use fairly old firmware (4.12.00.E) and the latest that we installed uses R.10.8.1.E. Apparently they've had these issues for years - and the previous Adtran partner could never resolve it - we just started working with them. I have not seen the issue anywhere else before - and couldn't find any weird setup on their system.

      Here is what they emailed me today:

      "We called the phone from a cell phone, picked up and left the call active. Then we called the same phone from another cell phone and the keypad locked. We were unable to transfer the call or pick up the second call."

      Has anyone ever come across this issue?

      Any help or guidance where to look for solutions would be appreciated.


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          I suspect this is likely a phone firmware issue.  To upgrade the phone firmware you will have to upgrade the NetVanta 7100 firmware too.  In the release notes for each version of NetVanta 7000 firmware there is a section that details the minimum phone firmware required depending on the phone model.  Given some of these are on 4.12.00.E, I would first make sure you have the proper boot code on your Netvanta 7100s so you can upgrade them to a current version of AOS.  This post explains how to check the version information: Upgrading Netvanta 7100 from to A4.03.00.SC.E


          If you don't have the proper boot code you will need to open a ticket with ADTRAN support to get it.  Once you have the proper boot code running, I would start by upgrading the 7100 to R10.9.3, which is our current extended maintenance release.  Then you can also upgrade the ADTRAN IP 700 phones to 2.4.1.  Make sure you save a current copy of your configuration for every unit before upgrading and put them in a safe place.  Several commands have changed in this jump of firmware and it is always a best practice to keep an archived copy of your configuration for a particular version in case you need to revert.