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    NV7100 Some extensions not able to dial out

    mmmsheen New Member

      Hi, first time supporting a NV7100 so try to be kind.


      I have a strange issue - a small office with a dozen or so extensions has 3 extensions that, after a reboot of the system last Friday cannot make outbound calls.  The error message is "Call cannot be completed as dialed".  All other extensions work fine - and on the 3 in question we've tried, 9 followed by 7, 10, and 11 digit numbers, most get the same error (some of our dial-trials get a quick busy signal).


      The changes I made on Friday were these (an attempt to change outbound caller ID for about half of the extensions):

      1. removed ANI substitution

      2. removed SIP-identification from all but 1 extension

      3. change External Caller ID Number for desired extensions

      4. reboot


      I'll include the config file, please let me know if you spot anything amiss.




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