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    Reset or Factory Default a Voicemail Box

    tn22 New Member

      Scenario is this: Bob is a current user on the 7100 with VM. Bob leaves and is replaced by Tom. I would like to "reset" Bob's VM box to factory default so that Tom can use the default PIN and be prompted as if he is setting a new mailbox.


      How do I accomplish this with the 7100?

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          jephph New Member

          It may not be the quickest or the most direct method, but one method that would work would be to delete the user account and rebuild a new one with the new user's name. That will have the effect of deleting the old mailbox and starting out with another "fresh" mailbox with the default password.

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            tn22 New Member

            When I try this, I get "none added, only adtran cobranded phones are supported for this model". Ideas?

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              tn22 New Member

              . The phone and MAC are known by the system, so neither of the above should be an issue.

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                  Deleting the user and phone and creating a new one is probably the easiest method.  An alternative if you want to keep the same extension, is to just change the name on the phone.  You can do that with the instructions in this video:

                  [video] - Changing the Name Assigned to a Phone Extension on the NetVanta 7100


                  To delete voicemail messages from the old user you can use the first 4 steps of this guide to locate the wav files on the CFLASH:

                  Downloading and Converting Voicemail WAV Files on the NetVanta 7100


                  However, it would probably be a lot easier to just delete all the messages from a phone after resetting the voicemail PIN.


                  After the name is changed go to Voice > User Accounts > select the user and click Edit > Voicemail tab and then reset the Voicemail PIN from the highlighted box.  I would also recommend turning on the New User Reminder (also highlighted) that will guide them through setting up their mailbox.



                  As for the issue with adding the new user, it sounds like you are running firmware past R10.8.0 and using a non-ADTRAN branded VVX Polycom phone.  Starting in R10.8.0 and later, the use of VVX 300/310 & 400/410 series has been limited to ADTRAN branded versions only.  As of today, non-ADTRAN branded versions of the VVX 500 & 600 series work with no restrictions, but that will likely change in a future release.  Here is an excerpt from the R10.8.0 release notes:


                  ADTRAN branded VVX phones (model names ADTRAN VVX 300, ADTRAN VVX 310, ADTRAN VVX 400, ADTRAN VVX 410, ADTRAN VVX 500, and ADTRAN VVX 600) work with NetVanta 7000 series AOS release version R10.8.0 and beyond without requiring an additional license key purchase. The equivalent Polycom branded phones will not work with release R10.8.0. If you are currently using the equivalent Polycom branded phones with the NetVanta 7000 series, you will need to either remain on a pre-R10.8 release version or use the ADTRAN branded version of the VVX phones until a licensing mechanism can be added to allow the use of Polycom branded VVX models.


                  The rest of the Polycom family of supported IP end points continue to remain unaffected. Either an ADTRAN branded model or the equivalent Polycom branded models of these IP phones can be used with R10.8 and beyond. See the following table to determine AOS release R10.8 compatibility with ADTRAN and Polycom branded phone models.