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    vWLAN 2.3/2.4 SNMP MIB

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      I'm trying to obtain some information from BlueSocket vWLAN 2.4 via SNMP, and found vWLAN MIB. I've downloaded it, but it wont work. No information available in any bulk or subtree.

      It looks like OIDs was changed, or wasn't included in vWLAN

      I've tried MIB Browser in Windows and snmpwalk in Ubuntu - but all that I got - linux-based standart MIBs response from hardware and no information about vWLAN or BSAP.


      Especially, I need BSAP utilization, connections and statistics.


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          briangonyer Visitor

          You are right, the OID has changed and should be a sysobjectid of .


          The MIB's for download are for the older BSC's it looks like.

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              skliffi New Member

              skliffi@skliffi-laptop:~$ snmpwalk -v2c -c public .

              BLUESOCKET-ROOT::blueSocket.100.8000.1 = No more variables left in this MIB View (It is past the end of the MIB tree)


              No result. Old BSC MIB wont work also

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                  kennethfernandes Employee

                  Hey folks. The MIBS currently posted are indeed for the Bluesocket BlueSecure Controllers (BSCs) and not the vWLAN. vWLAN currently supports standard SNMP MIB2 and therefor does not currently require MIBs. We are working on releasing enterprise specific MIBs for the vWLAN but I cannot comment on availability on this venue. Please reach our to your local partner, regional sales manager, or sales engineer for further information on enterprise specific MIB availability. I also wouldn't mind hearing from the support community in the feature request section (Feature Requests (Elite On-Premises)) as to which information you would like available via SNMP, if you still use SNMPv2c or solely use v3, would you require read write or read only, etc?  




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