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    Netvanta 161 - Approved External Antenna's

    wjlawrence New Member

      I am trying to find an approved or supported external antenna for the 161.


      Can anyone point me in the correct direction?  Either Omni or Patch..


      Thank you



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          For external antenna options (other than the omni's available directly from Adtran), we recommend you contact Tessco (http://www.tessco.com) and talk to their engineers about your specific requirements. They are quite familiar with our BlueSocket product line and offer 3rd party antenna solutions like patch, hi-gain, cables, mountings, etc. The key in your specific situation is that the NetVanta 161 is the same as the BlueSocket model 1840 (BSAP-1840) just with a different firmware load, so from Tessco's point of view the antenna options for the BSAP-1840 and the NV161 are identical.




          Adtran Applications Engineering

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