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    vWLAN on KVM

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                I am wondering if anyone has been running vWLAN in a KVM environment? I know it's not officially supported but I have it running it in-house, on KVM, without any problems and I can't really see why (considering VWLAN is just Ubuntu) there might be any issues.

      So, anyone have any reasons why KVM is a non-runner?




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          kennethfernandes Employee

          Hey Folks,

          We do not officially support KVM but have had a few feature requests for it. Similarly we have had a few feature requests for Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen. I would be interested to hear from the community in the feature request section (Feature Requests (Elite On-Premises)) which hypervisors you have got working and which hypervisors you would want official support for besides VMware.





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            kennethfernandes Employee

            For those interested we have started a beta program for a KVM image of vWLAN. See the vWLAN 3.0.1 KVM Beta image and quickstart guide posted under support downloads for Bluesocket vWLAN.