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    External Numbers Not Showing In Call Logs

    relmer New Member

      Since upgrading our NV 7100 to the latest firmware release (R10.11.0.E) and our Polycom IP 560 phones to the latest release on the ADTRAN website (4.4.0B Boot Upgrader and 4.0.2B App) we have not been able to see external phone numbers showing up in any of the call logs which include Missed Calls, Placed Calls and Received Calls. I found an older post about this that appears to be similar to the issue that we are having but there is no posted resolution.




      Is this still a known issue or has this been resolved? Other than this not working everything else seems to be working great and I'd rather not have to downgrade all of the phones for this one issue. Polycom has newer firmware versions not posted on the ADTRAN website, would one of their newer releases fix this issue?




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          andrewtre New Member

          i Had a similar issue with vvx 410 phones.  Once upgraded to 4.1.6 software, the issue went away.  Hope this helps.

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            charles Employee



            The item below was fixed in release Polycom software release 4.0.4 for the Soundpoint IP phones.  If a call was received without a caller-id name the call would not be logged in the missed/received call lists.  I would recommend upgrading to release 4.0.5 as that release also has some additional fixes for using the phones with the NV7100.  The 4.0.5 release is not yet available on the ADTRAN website but can be downloaded directly from Polycom. 


            76769/82121 Calls without SIP DISPLAY INFO are now logged under the missed/received call lists.

            If the upgrade does not resolve this issue, then I would recommend opening a ticket with ADTRAN support for further troubleshooting.